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Research Resources, service facilities and platform (Infrastructure)


Department of Biotechnology (DBT) since its inception has been supporting the development of research infrastructure at universities and research institutes across the country with the primary objective to augment life science and biotechnology research activities at par with the international level. The programme has understandably evolved during the last 3 decades, undergoing multiple changes in nomenclature and realignment of objectives, and is now called the Research Resource, Service Facility and Platform (abbreviated as RRSFP) Programme, which in turn operates through 2 major arms:

  • DBT- Boost to University Interdisciplinary Life Science Departments for Education and Research Programme (DBT-BUILDER) and
  • DBT - Scientific Infrastructure Access for Harnessing Academia University Research Joint Collaboration (DBT-SAHAJ Infrastructure)

From 2019-20, the Department has laid special focus on Institutions from Aspirational Districts to ensure equitable percolation of benefits of the programme across the length and breadth of the country.


DBT- Boost to University Interdisciplinary Life Science Departments for Education and Research Programme (DBT-BUILDER)

As the name suggests, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), through DBT-BUILDER provides support to establish interdisciplinary School of Life Sciences for advanced research and education at the post-graduate level.

Objective: The specific objective is to upgrade the post-graduate teaching and training laboratories by:

  • Enabling interdisciplinary advanced research and teaching capacity emphasizing discovery and innovation in proposed research areas.
  • Addressing emerging technologies with inter-disciplinary cross talk to realize their  full potential.
  • Increasing number of postgraduate students at M.Sc., Ph. D,  and postdoctoral levels with quality education, skills and research temperament.
  • Collaborate and invoke industry through public-private partnership in advanced research and education.

Expected outcome: The outcome of support received from DBT-BUILDER shall be gauged by the following parameters (but not limited to):

  • Modernization of laboratories involved  in  PG  teaching
  • Acquisition of essential equipment
  • Up- gradation of existing research facilities, networking and computational facilities (including software & databases), scientific & technical books (no journals).
  • Maintenance and refurbishing of existing and new facilities
  • Appointment of  new  faculty
  • Provide fellowships for students
  • Introduction of training programmes
  • Regrouping of  research  activities  along the biotechnology innovation chain (from discovery to market)
  • Promotion of  academia- industry interaction

What is not intended?

  • No  fresh  constructions
  • Individual R&D support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Contacts Concerned Officer for more information

Program Head Dr. Anamika Gambhir, Scientist F
Phone : 011-24363665
E-Mail anamika[at]dbt[dot]nic[dot]in
Program Coordinator Dr. Garima Gupta, Scientist E
Phone : 011-24369385
E-Mail garima[dot]g[at]nic[dot]in
Attached Officer Dr. Abhishek Kumar Mehta, Scientist C
Phone : 91-11-24360295
E-Mail ak[dot]mehta[at]dbt[dot]nic[dot]in
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1Latest Guidelines DBT-BUILDERView (576.8 KB) pdf
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3Latest SAHAJ-Infrastructure-GuidelinesView (595.52 KB) pdf
4Latest SAHAJ-Infrastructure-ProformaView (852.28 KB) pdf
5Latest Task-force RRSFP O MView (509.59 KB) pdf
6Proforma for submission of proposals under RRSFP programmeView (72.78 KB) pdf
7Revised Guidelines for ‘Research Resource, Service Facility and Platform’ Programme (2017)View (109.86 KB) pdf
8Task Force Composition on ‘Research Resources, Service Facilities and Platforms’ Programme (2017-19)View (23.32 KB) pdf
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