Capacity Building Programmes

Establishment of Biotech Hubs across NER

North-East DBT has established a network of 126 Biotech Hubs across NER, providing necessary infrastructure in universities/ colleges/ institutions and the required training in sophisticated technologies so as to support and promote biotechnology education and research. At this juncture, there are 6 State-Level and 106 active Institutional Level Biotech Hubs including 6 hubs in 5 aspirational districts identified by Government in NER, spread across all the eight states of NER. Together these hubs have conducted more than 1700 hands-on training programmes and benefitting more than 44,000 participants across the region and more than 1400 research articles/papers have been published by these Hubs both in national and international journals. These biotech hubs have produced more than 210 Ph.D students and 165 such scholars have been placed at various institutions/organizations across the country.


Overseas Associateship Scheme for NER scientists

The Scheme has provided an opportunity to the researchers from NER to enhance their scientific skills through research/trainings at leading overseas Institutions. So far, a total of 205 scientists have been awarded associateship in many reputed overseas institutions. A total of 120 students were enrolled for Ph.D. under those awardees and so far, 60 students have completed their Ph.D. 63 Research Associates or research scholars trained by these awardees got placements as faculty/scientists in leading institutions across the country including some overseas laboratories. These awardees have contributed in publication of 94 research articles in peer reviewed national and international journals besides securing 74 extramural projects from funding agencies. In the previous year, 34 researchers were awarded overseas associateship


Biotechnology Labs in Senior Secondary schools (BLiSS) of NER

An unprecedented growth in the field of biotechnology makes it imperative to create awareness about it at the school level and also to provide an environment of access to a well-equipped laboratory. Recognizing this need, DBT has initiated a scheme for establishing “Biotechnology Labs in Senior Secondary schools (BLiSS)” in NER. The BLiSS programme which is currently comprises of 88 schools has strengthened the practical teaching within the schools by imparting excellent practical trainings for their students as per their syllabus in class 11th and 12th. 16 BLiSS schools are in 6 aspirational districts identified by Government in NER. More than 2000 school students utilized these facilities for their science practical during the year and 40 BLiSS school teachers from NER BLiSS schools were trained in New Delhi in August 2018 and given exposure to the laboratories of national institutions.

Visiting Research Professorship (VRP) Scheme

The Scheme was initiated to utilize the expertise of outstanding biotechnology professionals for bringing advancement in the Biotechnology and Life Science related activities in various institutions of research and higher learning in the NER States of India. So far 32 scientists/faculties have been awarded “VRP in NER” including 15 VRPs awarded in 2017-18 and have served NER institutions such as NEHU, AAU, Nagaland University, IIT Guwahati, IASST, Tripura University, Rajiv Gandhi Unvierstiy, IBSD and Mizoram University.