How we generate and nurture ideas

We try to excite scientists to submit ideas through a call for ideas/concepts in the given thrust/priority areas. The ideas are screened by a team of relevant experts and the screened ideas are then allowed to develop into a full research proposal. In the next step, full proposals are presented by the scientist for further evaluation and screening by a team with relevant expertise. At this stage, scientists receive suggestions, comments to improve the innovative potential of the proposal. All the screened proposals are then allowed for registration through e Promis and subjected to a peer-review process followed by presentation in the Task Force for final comments and recommendations. Task Force periodically reviews the sanctioned projects and a separate monitoring/mentoring committee is set up depending on the follow-up requirements. The knowledge outcomes generated in the process is evaluated for its translatability and help scientists develop translational projects and its support.


The department also keeps the option open for scientists to submit the research proposals round the year through e Promis (link) under competitive grant schemes of the Department.