Biotech Facilities

The RRSFP program is to promote, upgrade and for establishment of new biotech facilities/infrastructure viz. animal house; gene banks; repositories for microbes, plants, model organisms and infectious organisms; towards augmentation of research activities of scientific community at regional, national and international level. Furthermore, it is aimed to promote growth of life science and biotechnology in the university system and linking research to education at every opportunity through creation/ reengineering/ remodeling/up-gradation of life science departments in central/state universities. Department of Biotechnology has established and created research related infrastructural facilities in several universities/Institutions across the country.
Some of them are: Flow cytometry and imaging facility at ILS, Bhubaneswar; JNU-DBT National training and skill development facility for state-ofthe-art equipment used in industry and academics, maintenance and operation of the biosafety facility (level 3) for tuberculosis research in UDSC, Delhi, Life Science Research, Education and Training in JNCSAR, Bangalore and Advanced Research Platform for Crop Sciences, New Delhi.

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Program Head Dr. Arvind Duggal, Scientist G
Program Officer Dr. Garima Gupta, Scientist E
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1Proforma for submission of proposals under RRSFP programmeDownload (72.78 KB) pdf
2Revised Guidelines for ‘Research Resource, Service Facility and Platform’ Programme (2017)Download (109.86 KB) pdf
3Task Force Composition on ‘Research Resources, Service Facilities and Platforms’ Programme (2017-19)Download (23.32 KB) pdf
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