Human Genetics & Genome Analysis

Introduction/Genesis of Programme

Vaccine for Indian ChildThe Human Genetics and Genome Analysis program addresses issues related to specific inherited diseases concerning Indian population and major steps have been taken by the Department towards better understanding of genetic disorders prevalent in our country in terms of new research on diagnosis. Considering the higher prevalence of genetic disorders, many consortia based R&D projects have been supported in the thematic area Genomics to Health with priority on Monogenic Disorders.

Aim/Objectives of the Programme

  • Advance our understanding of genetic and genomic components of human physiology and pathophysiology, and the interactions of these components with environmental factors and cultural practices, by promoting the conduct of cutting-edge research involving individuals, families and populations;
  • Translate the understanding thus acquired to the improvement of human health by promoting development and dissemination of genomic methodologies and tools for prediction and prevention of human disease, and for therapeutic intervention; and,
  • Build capacity in human genetics and genomics by promoting training on technology platforms and methodologies for genome analysis in relation to human disease and other phenotypes. A programme for Establishment of Genetic Diagnostic centers and Referral Labs has also been initiated by the Department which will follow the NABL accreditation policy of our country. These are the need of the hour in our country considering the paucity of such centres in Government system and consequent mushrooming of private labs which are not following the International standard. It will help facilitate diagnosis of genetic disorders for the common people of our country and will also improve the societal awareness for these genetic disorders.

Some Success Stories

Outcome of last 5 years:
  • No. of Publications: 103
  • No. of patents filed/granted: 5
  • No. of technologies developed/licensed/commercialized/Start-up created:
  • No. of manpower trained: 179
  • Any major facilities supported/created:
  • Any other relevant information which needs to be highlighted (if any):

The Department is in the process of initiating programme on 'Establishment of Diagnostic labs (NIDAN-Kendra)' for genetic testing and counseling services and programme on 'Training of Clinicians' in order to produce skilled personnel to establish new NIDAN Kendra. The Department has also initiated an outreach program for aspirational districts to provide genetic diagnosis and counselling to families affected by common genetic disorders in identified districts.

Call for Proposal for current FY or New Programme Launched (if any)

Concerned Officer for more information

Programme HeadDr Suchita Ninawe,Scientist G
Email sninawe[at]dbt[dot]nic[dot]in
Contact No.011-24363722
Program Officer:Dr. Onkar Nath Tiwari,Scientist E
Contact No.011-24361290