Basic Research in Modern Biology

Basic Research is the backbone of technology driven economy. The investment in basic research of technology development leads to research innovation, invention and product development. However, the basic research for biotechnology is directed not only towards understanding the fundamental biotechnological challenges based on fundamental processes & mechanism of cellular biology as well as their application for the benefits of the mankind. The basic research in biotechnology domain might require a distinction from the basic research in life science for the development of better tools, processes and technology. Department of Biotechnology is constantly supporting the basic research in life sciences at various institutions levels such as colleges, universities and R&D institutions in order to create knowledge driven biotech sector. DBT’s thrust is on supporting the basic science for applying them to resolve fundamental biological questions for the benefit of the biotech industrials sector.


The overall objectives of the programme is as follows: -
  1. Understanding fundamental biological processes/mechanism
  2. Basic Research leading to application of fundamental concepts
  3. Encouraging the discovery enabled and use inspired research

Outcome of last three years

  • No. of Publications- 230
  • No. of patents filed/granted - 2
  • No. of technologies developed/licensed/commercialized/Start-up created: Nil
  • No. of manpower trained- 1565
  • Any major facilities supported/created – A Mass Spectrometry facility is established at NCCS, Pune.
  • Any other relevant information which needs to be highlighted (if any)

Concerned Officer for more information

Programme HeadDr. Suchita Ninawe, Scientist G
Programme Scientist Dr. Shahaj Uddin Ahmed, Scientist E