KRIBS BioNest, Kochi, Kerala (previously called KINFRA Biotech Park)

The proposal for setting up of a Biotechnology Incubator at Kerala Biotechnology Park was sanctioned in March 2005 at a total cost of Rs. 23.18 crores for a period of 3 years. The share of DBT is Rs. 11.00 crores and the rest, to be contributed by the State Government.

  • Civil works of the Biotechnology Incubation Centre have been completed. Building infrastructure has been constructed to house various facilities such as Analytical lab, Bio-processing and Molecular facilities. This includes clean room standards ISO 7 and 8 labs for various purposes. A total space of more than 10,000 sq. feet is available for rental to incubatees. Besides these spaces, there is provision for setting up a central Instrumentation Facility, Medicinal Plant Extraction Facility, Micro Propagation Facility and Fermentation Facility. 20 acres land is available for lease to industries.
  • Human Resources: Under the BioNest there are 03 major divisions: Analytical, Molecular and Bio-processing. Each division is under scientific mentorship by an experienced scientist from RGCB and a post doctoral scientist is in charge of each of these facilities. They are assisted by 5 technical personnel at various levels and 2 administrative personnel. Two staff members with business administration qualifications are involved in marketing the facility.
  • Entrepreneurial Facilitation Services: The Biotech Park functions on the model of mentorship and nurture by trained scientific personnel. All interested applicants are encouraged to make a detailed presentation in front of an experienced, friendly technical committee which consists of technical personnel from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as scientific and administrative personnel.
  • Business Plan/ Management Model: The KRIBS BioNest functions on the model of revenue generated based on rental receipts and equipment usage charges. But this amount is insufficient to fund the ongoing activities in the Centre. Earlier, KINFRA had charged a small rental of 8 to 13 rupees a square feet and actual for utilities with a small amount for common facilities. KRIBS BioNest increased the rental to an amount of Rs. 40 per square feet, but this has been greatly resisted by the companies approaching us for space.
  • BIONEST is a facility (a) to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies based on life and medical sciences (b) to nurture emerging ventures and (c) to assist new enterprises to forge appropriate link with other biotech companies, academia and government. It aims to provide a viable mechanism for licensing new technologies to upcoming biotech companies, to start new local ventures and to achieve early state value enhancement of the technology with minimum financial inputs. The deliverables of BioNest are technology packages, new product portfolios, techno economic feasibility and project reports for new products, process/product patents, prototypes of new equipment and rich management experience. BioNest will serve as a platform for creation of new jobs in technology development and scale-up.
  • The progress of the BioNest facility has been reviewed recently by DBT in March, 2017 and based on the visit report of the committee, the project is likely to be extended till 2019 to fulfil the objectives of the project.