Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility (BTCIF) at TIDCO Centre for Life Sciences (TICEL), Chennai

The Tamil Nadu Government, Tamil Nadu established TICEL – I and II in 8 Lakh sq.ft., a state-of-the- art Wet Lab Infrastructure in 5 acres in Chennai. TICEL offers Lab Modules conforming to BSL-II, to various companies on 3 years/ 10 years term for R&D / CRD activities. The lab infrastructure being offered by TICEL includes A/C, Compressed Air, Vacuum, RO Water, Power Back-up, ETP / STP, etc. TICEL has offered Lab Space to more than 30 International / National companies.


TICEL has established BTCIF, jointly with Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, in 21,000 sq.ft. at First Floor of TICEL – II for providing Analytical, Technical and Scientific Support with High-end equipment towards performing Research / Analysis by Industries/ Entrepreneurs for commercialization. DBT has sanctioned Rs.10.93 Crores towards the procurement of equipment.


BTCIF layout contains facility with ISO 7 clean rooms for Purification, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture and all labs conforming to ISO 8. Clean rooms are equipped with dynamic pass boxes for sterile material transfer. The labs are designed for uniflow direction separation of clean and dirty corridors suitable for microbial process with dedicated AHUs for clean room zones. The facility includes Microbial Fermentation & Downstream Processing Zone with Microbiology and Molecular Biology / labs. It also includes Analytical wing and Tissue Culture Zone for Cell Cultures with independent wash rooms.

TICEL has installed Fomenters (5, 40, 100 L), Continuous High Throughput Centrifuge, High Pressure Homogenizer, TFF Systems, Chromatography System, etc. as Pilot Scale equipment and Genetic Analyzer, Flow Cytometer, MALDI TOF / TOF, Real Time PCR, etc. as Analytical equipment. Gel Electrophoresis System, Thermal Cycler, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Incubators, Autoclaves, etc. as basic equipment and utility equipment are available.

TICEL is offering the equipment for utilization by Companies / Scientists / Entrepreneurs on non-exclusive basis for their scientific activities / process & product development / sample analysis. The consumables and chemicals / reagents for the operation of the equipment are being sourced by the clients as per their specifications and requirements. The charges for utilizing equipment will be collected from the clients. TICEL clients and external Companies / Scientists are using the equipment at BTCIF for their scientific activities. The detailed brochure on BTCIF, Charges for utilization of equipment and Booking form are available in our website,