Bangalore Biotech Park, Karnataka

The project was sanctioned at a total Project Cost of Rs 32.26 Cr; with KBITS contribution of Rs 17.81 Cr and DBT Contribution of Rs 14.45 Cr. The project was sanctioned in 2005 for a period of 3 years.

  • Civil Construction (Nirmithi Kendra) is 80% (appx.) complete with 25 Incubation suites ranging from 200 sq.ft to 700 sq.ft. Also includes Common Instrumentation facility, Mammalian and Plant tissue culture, Dark room/Cold room/Utilities, Animal house/Chemical store, Cafeteria/Meeting rooms/Conference rooms etc.
  • Process has started for separate Entity (section 25 Co) to be formed. To operationalize within 6 months’ time. Project Management Committee (PMC) and Technical Advisory and Resource group formed (TARG).
  • Services include plug-and-play, infrastructure lab space and common equipments, high end equipments and facilities, mentorship, funding, networking, branding, legal, finance and accounting.
  • Role in Cluster Development
    • Facilitate Bio Helix Park Development by attracting big and medium sized companies
    • Linkages with Public R&D and academic Institutions- IBAB, CHG
    • Advocacy and policy research
    • Creation of value networks
  • The centre has 21 common instrumentation facilities. Also have 18 resident incubatees and 3 incubatees graduated.